Inspirational Bertrand Russell Quotes — Calm quotes

Bertrand Russell (18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, political activist. In 1950 Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. This article features inspirational Bertrand Russell Quotes. Bertrand Russell quotes “My whole religion is this: do every duty, and expect no reward for it, either here…

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7 Responses to Inspirational Bertrand Russell Quotes — Calm quotes

  1. Aulia Rahman says:

    Follback for me?


  2. agenda19892010 says:



  3. Bertrand Russell share Birthdays with me, love quotes. Gets me through the day. Please visit my blogs, it’s about an incident I had, 3 month coma, the things I been through. I have my fave quote in my blog somewhere.


  4. geoch1 says:

    Interesting blog!
    It’s always important to know what famous and wise people once said…
    I’m following you, to get always new wisdom…


  5. this is so inspiring.. you have got a good skill of merging words to express. loved it 👍🏻


  6. daniellegastineau says:

    Great blog post! Thanks for liking my post. I don’t use any of it anymore. I was worried I was have withdrawals but I am not so far.


  7. Sar says:

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your posts 🙂


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